Come Change the World With Us

The first summer box from Change Co. has officially launched and is out the door! Wow! It is a bit surreal seeing all of this come together in just a few short months! In the beginning, when Change Co. was just an idea, we dreamed of the impact this could have and the kind of response we wished for. We are so thankful for each of you who has enthusiastically joined us on this journey for a better world!
Meredith and I are completely confident that not only will you have a warmed heart from the beautiful stories behind each product in this season's box, but also that these six lifestyle products are going to make your summer that much better. From trendy rose gold and charcoal earrings, to the perfect-sized pineapple clutch, you will be surprised how often you find reasons to use these products and how awesome you'll feel knowing the impact you have made! 
"Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in."
We think this couldn't be more true! From day one at Change Co. we wanted to show people that is possible to get beautiful and stylish products, like the ones you already use, and make a positive impact on the world at the same time. We hope this journey with us inspires you to shop a little more consciously, take the time to find companies that "do good," and demand positive action from the ones who don't. We hope that you find value in every box we send you (did we mention you're saving up to 55% off of retail prices?), and that you smile to yourself when you open this first box for the summer knowing that you have protected the planet and marine life, empowered women and artisans around the world, given shoes to those without, and helped change the trajectory of malnourished children's lives. 
We could not do this without you! <3
-Lydia & Meredith
Haven't had a chance to order your Summer Box? There is no time like the present - order yours before they sell out! (ships immediately!) :)

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