Why You Should Join Change Co.

If you have been following us for long you probably know that we are pretty committed to introducing you to fabulous products that improve the world, and that the Summer Box is only available for the next *four* days! If you’re not quite ready to jump in, here’s a few reasons why you absolutely should! 

  1. We are committed. From day one at Change Co. we committed to only introducing you to products that give back - no matter how pretty some other products may be, we are firm in our desire to do the digging to find equally beautiful products that matter. We don’t cut corners and take our mission very seriously. We are honored to have the opportunity to help bring social conscious shopping to the limelight! 
  2. It’s affordable. A Change Co. subscription will run you either $49.95 once a season, or $179.82 once a year (you’re saving 10% with this option!) - which breaks down to less than $17 a month. Every season, you’ll be saving up to 55% off of retail pricing on the products we include - economically sound choices for the win! 
  3. Change Co. connects you to a cause greater than yourself. This is probably our favorite reason. Through a Change Co. subscription you will be empowering women, artisans, the planet, endangered species, men, and children all around the globe. From jewelry that fights against human trafficking to water bottles that replenish the earth with trees planted, you will be connected to these causes in a way that you may not have been before. Plus, every season we will feature a new non-profit and donate 10% of our profits to help further their mission!
  4. You get really awesome products. Really. You are going to receive 4-6 lifestyle products (no samples here!) that not only make the world a better place, but are also fashionable, modern, and well made. We are constantly in contact with other social enterprises to stay on top of new products coming out, and we do our best to get the most profound ones in our boxes.
  5. Treat yourself while contributing to the greater good. Anna Lappe once said that every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. We believe this to be so very true. That’s why with Change Co. we decided to make sure that your purchase with us is going far in making the world a better place to live in - you are improving someone’s world - every time a box hits your doorstep, all while treating yourself to products that you'll actually love. Love others, love yourself, change the world. <3

We hope we’ve made the case for why you should subscribe to the subscription box for women who care. It truly is a purchase that matters. We invite you to join our cause and make it your own - we’ve got so much in store for you in the coming months! :)

Ready to dive in? Use code: SUMMER at checkout for $5 off of your first Change Co. box! 

-Lydia & Meredith

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