We wish to create a community of change-makers; a community of people who are emboldened and inspired to use their voice and their dollars to create the change in the world that we all wish to see. In the future, we hope to launch our own line of socially conscious products to create an even bigger impact, and a nonprofit organization for change to further this fight for the common good. 


Change Co. was created in response to the issues facing the world today. We imagined a world where everyone used their purchases as a way to improve the world through social impact such as  empowerment, education, and protecting the planet. If we all increase our awareness and embrace the seemingly small choices we can all make, we will have indeed changed the world.


At Change Co. we are committed to only working with companies that are striving to create monumental change. We promise to always be transparent about our operations and will only bring products to you that give back to the world and it's people. We take kindness very seriously and are committed to treating all people like the change-makers that they are.

We created Change Co. to connect you to products that serve a greater purpose; to introduce you to companies that strive to make the world a better place. Discover beautifully made lifestyle products from companies such as Pura Vida, Bloom & Give, and Branded Collective and fall in love with the purpose you are now connected to and the change that you are creating. From start to finish, Change Co. exists to bring modern, fashionable products with a purpose straight to your door step. We hope to inspire you to shop consciously, to find the good in your every day routine, and to shine a light on the causes that need our attention the most.

change co


I was born and raised in Kentucky with a large family that made even the mundane days impeccable! I have a passion for traveling the world, and experiencing new and breathtaking things with the ones that I love. I live for the calm nights spent outdoors with my husband who doubles as my best friend, and my German Shepherd who brings me so much joy (as well as terrifies the neighbors!)! I am from a small 'blink and you miss it' town, where everyone knows everyone and no one locks their doors. And while I am thankful for that small town, I had a desire to create something that would have a positive ripple effect on the world as a whole. I have devoted quite a bit of my life to finding ways to give back, but I struggled to find how I could directly create that ripple. I am lucky to have a spectacular husband, a loving family, and an incredible circle of friends that have encouraged me to find that purpose. After a couple of weeks of brainstorming, and coming up with some far fetched ideas (and some that did not quite make any sense at all, haha), Change Co. was born! 


I was born and raised in Tennessee and have the joy of being one of six children! Growing up, life was wonderfully filled with big laughs and tears, lots of adventures, and people (lol). I relish my time alone outdoors; hiking and camping is one of my great passions. I also enjoy reading and quiet nights with friends (the older I get, the quieter I want to be, haha). Being part of a large family instilled a passion for helping others, listening and creating harmony. After traveling the world and experiencing other cultures, I have been searching for a way to use all these strengths and to have a bigger, more positive impact on the world. Enter Change Co. Together WE get to change the lives of victims of trafficking, artisans in developing countries, and bringing individuals and families out of poverty! What a way to give back…and all with products that you would buy anyway. I’m so happy to be a part of this grand idea and strive to bring my best and most positive self everyday!