Every purchase you make here changes the world. 

Since day one we have been committed to only featuring products that are improving the world, and companies that are fighting for the common good. You can rest easy knowing that every product that you find at Change Co. is not only beautiful and ethically made, but gives back through empowerment, planet protection, and education. This isn't just a tag line though, we diligently research every social enterprise that we work with to bring you proof - that's right, with every purchase you'll be able to put a story, face, impact, with your product. We believe that where you choose to spend your dollar matters, and that these choices are powerful - and we're committed to bringing that choice to life.


Trees planted.

Through our continuous partnership with Tree Tribe we have been able to fund the planting of 2,000 trees to date in countries around the world.


Meal Packs Donated.

In the summer of 2017 we collaborated with This Bar Saves Lives to help bring 200 meal packs to the 2.6 million children around the world affected by acute malnutrition.


Days of education.

In the fall of 2017 we partnered with DOT Products to create a custom journal that provided 75 days of education to children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Clean water to developing nations.

In the summer of 2017 we selected charity: water as our first non-profit beneficiary to receive 10% of our profits from the Summer Box. Did you know that 1 in 10 people world wide lack access to clean drinking water? charity: water is an organization that is striving to bring clean and safe drinking water to developing nations around the world through bio sand filters, catching the rain water, digging water wells, and more! To date they have completed 24,537 water projects for 7 million people in 24 countries across the globe. You can learn more about their impact here

Four refugee girls in school.

This past fall we supported Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation, with 10% of our profits from the Fall Box. Girl Up serves adolescent girls in places where it is often the toughest to be a girl - places like India, Guatemala, Uganda, and Ethiopia. Girl Up empowers these girls through improving their access to education, health, safety, and through building their leadership skills. To date, Girl Up has supported 34,095 girls. And we were able to help send four of them to school for a year!

Our Planet & Animals

We take protecting our planet and those who inhabit it seriously. Through our work with Tree Tribe, Planet Love Life, Plaine Products and Mable we have helped protect our planet through educating our youth about the importance of small sustainable choices, planting 2,000 trees to replenish the earth, cleaning the ocean of plastic, protecting our ocean life, and helping further the #ditchplastic movement. We also work with Gorilla Socks, who donates 10% of their sock sales to the protection of gorillas in Rwanda and the Congo! 


So many of the social enterprises that we work with hold empowerment at the core of their mission. With supporting Branded Collective survivors of human trafficking are given the tools to rise above their trauma. Our partnership with Bloom & Give supported the education of girls in India. We worked with Krochet Kids, who empowers women in Uganda and Peru who are living in extreme poverty through employment opportunities. Take a look at our blog to read more stories of how your purchases here empower others around the world!


With our partnerships with Humphrey's Street Coffee and Bright Endeavors those in need receive the mentorship they need to rise above their circumstances. Humphrey's Street Coffee works directly with inner city youth to provide mentorship and job skills - 100% of their profits support this initiative. Bright Endeavors is a social enterprise who focuses on empowering young single mothers in Chicago. They provide life changing job opportunities and mentorship to these mothers and help them step into the world with confidence!

Packaging Matters.

We work with Ecoenclose to package curated bundles in sustainable and 100% recycled boxes topped with biodegradable soy ink. When we created Change Co. we wanted everything we gave to the change-maker community to make the world a better place, including the box. We are actively looking for more ways to be even more sustainable with our packaging.

We're just getting started. 

Together we will continue to grow this page and bring even more stories of impact, hope, and empowerment to light. We are proud to be playing a small part in creating a better world for the next generations to come and working with companies who keep heart at the center of their mission. We believe that the seemingly small choices that we make can create a ripple effect of good around the world, and with your help we can inspire others to spend their dollars with intention and be the change we all wish to see.

Have a question about the impact of your purchase? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!